Who is Sofia?

Sofia was born in the thousands-of-years-old city of Florence in Italy where, at the time, her parents taught divinatory sciences and arts. At the age of five, she left Italy with her parents to live in the USA which became her country of adoption. She was a gifted child in her studies as well as in extra-sensorial perception, and at the age of six she had her first "flashes" and visions. She can perceive beings and events that others cannot see. It has to be said that Sofia comes from a long line of mediums that goes back to the era of Lorenzo de Medici.

Alongside all this, Sofia has a great interest in writing. At the age of ten, she wrote her first poems. For many years, she immersed herself in the writings of many famous authors who used words with such dexterity.

She handled her gift with all the naivety of a child her age. However, over the years, through reading and meeting people, even though this was just as passionate as it was disconcerting, she learned to hone her gift and developed a great interest in studying distance magic. It's true, Sofia is one of the rare initiated people who has the ability to spiritually communicate with angels and creatures from beyond, making her an outstanding medium.

From the age of thirteen, Sofia discovered a brand new passion: magic mythology. She spent years studying it, reading all the books she could come across. Sofia studied Egyptian, Roman and Greek, Celtic and Persian mythology, and became greatly interested in the Aztecs and Incas, amongst others.

In her teenage years, she developed an interest in fortune-telling and, for many years, she learned how tarot cards and the oracles worked. However, Sofia quickly understood that the cards serve merely as an aid and support to her own clairvoyance abilities.

At the age of nineteen, becoming intrigued by astrology, she began a long apprenticeship alongside a 33rd degree Grand Master. She was amazed to discover the incredible wealth of this discipline to the point where she later decided to make it her career.

During this apprenticeship she met the great Indian Master SHRI MALIKI, who revealed the secret of great celestial magic. To this day, Sofia is the only initiated westerner who knows the secrets of Indian celestial magic.

Five years later, she opened her own consultations office. Not only does Sofia perfectly master all divinatory arts, but she has the unique gift of clairvoyance and spiritual guidance. Concerned with bringing light and success into the lives of people who request her help, Sofia spares no effort in helping people in need.